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My Jewelry Journey

My name is Autumn Pridgen.

And jewelry is my passion.

Back when I was in elementary school, my Mom taught me seed beading. I was crazy about jewelry the moment I made my first necklace. I would bring my felt pad, tubes of beads, needles, and thread to school and bead at my desk. I made jewelry in class, at home, at friend's houses, pretty much everywhere I went.


Eventually I discovered the art of wire wrapping.  I was instantly delighted with how few tools I needed to carry around, as opposed to beading. Now I just carried around gemstones, wire, and pliers. Not to mention I've always been obsessed with gems, and have collected them all my life. For the last ten years, wire wrapping has been my primary art form. However, beading will always hold a special place in my heart. 

image0 (3).jpeg


I want to elevate the art of wire wrapping with unique and innovative designs.


Much of my work is heavily inspired by nature. Some pieces attempt to imitate the appearance of a plant or animal. While others utilize textures and shapes from the natural world.


I also have a fascination with manmade objects, particularly those with a certain mystical quality. Things like candles and potions and cauldrons. I believe strongly in the fantastical essence of life. We are all magical beings, and deserve to be adorned as such.


I want anyone wearing one of my unique pieces to feel uplifted.

To feel a spark of joy every time they look at the sparkling ring on their finger or the stunning pendant around their neck. There will never be another piece exactly like yours. I guarantee it.

Your jewelry is as unique as you.

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